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  • What kind of memberships do you offer?
    We offer single memberships and family memberships for 3 or more family members living at the same home address. We also accept several insurance-paid programs (see separate FAQ on insurance). Visit our Membership page for a listing of our current membership offerings, including: all membership types and their pricing any current specials being offered
  • What is the enrollment/maintenance fee?
    Maintenance fees are charged to all membership types once per year of continuous membership. The maintenance fee amount is dependent on your membership type. Your first fee is charged upon joining (called an enrollment fee in the system) and will be charged in subsequent years of continuous membership on the same date. ​ Find your membership type and corresponding maintenance fee amount in the emailed contract, or on our Membership page. Note that while this fee is charged annually with continuous membership, members who cancel and re-join within a year of their most recent maintenance fee charge will be charged this fee again. See our FAQ on membership suspension if you would prefer to place your membership on hold rather than cancel and rejoin.
  • Do you offer any discounts for teachers, military, or students?
    We do not currently offer any discounts for teachers, active or retired military, or students.
  • Do you accept insurance-paid programs?
    We do! We currently accept Active & Fit, Silver & Fit, Prime, Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, One Pass, and Aaptiv. If you are interested in becoming a member using one of these programs, please follow these steps: Access our MINDBODY online membership store here: Select the insurance program you are enrolled in when "purchasing" a membership (you won't be charged). After setting up your MINDBODY account and completing your "purchase" of an insurance membership, you must email your insurance program enrollment details to You can provide your program ID number in the email message, but providing a photo of your program enrollment card or letter is better. Note: You are not providing your medical health insurance details, you are providing your insurance program gym enrollment details. These are not the same. Once our Membership & Accounts Manager verifies your program enrollment, she will reply confirming your membership and let you know when you can pick up your keycard. Related FAQs: What is MINDBODY? And how does it work? How do I get my keycard?
  • How do I join?
    Click the Join Now button. On a mobile device, this is located on the Home page. On a computer, this is located on the Home page and the upper right corner of the website. You will be taken to our MindBody online store. [See also "What is MINDBODY? And how does it work?"] Create your account (or sign into your existing account) and add the membership you want to your shopping cart. Complete the checkout process as you would at a typical online store. Note that while you can purchase multiple memberships in the online store, we do not recommend this and may reach out to you to separate the accounts. It is recommended that each member maintain their own profile as we will be moving to digital keycards soon. You will receive a confirmation email. Please read over this information as it has everything you need to know about your membership, including the next steps. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with the other FAQs on our website. After purchasing your membership, you will need to obtain your keycard for accessing the main gym. This must be done during staffed hours. [See also "How do I get my keycard?"]
  • What kind of equipment/classes do you have?
    We are proud to offer an array of free weights, racks, weight machines, cardio machines, and group fitness classes. The full listing of our equipment/amenities can be found on our Facilities page. Visit our Class Schedule page for class times, descriptions, and reservations. Interested in working with a personal trainer? Read more about our trainers on the Our Team page. You may contact them directly to arrange a consultation, or you may contact Josh for recommendations on which trainer suits your goals best.
  • Do you offer trial memberships or trial classes?
    We do not currently offer trial memberships or sessions. We are a members only facility, and our members prefer we keep it that way. If you would like to take a tour of the gym, you can arrange a tour with one of our staff by getting in touch with our gym manager, Josh. If you would like to try a class, however, there is a cost associated. Email to sign up and pay for the class you wish to try at least 24 hours in advance.
  • How do I get my keycard?
    Once you have set up your membership in MINDBODY, you can pick up your keycard during staffed hours: - Monday: 9-11AM and 4-7PM - Tuesday: 9-11AM and 4-7PM - Wednesday: 9-11AM and 4-7PM - Thursday: 9-11AM and 4-7PM - Friday: 9-11AM If you cannot make it to the gym during staffed hours, email to arrange a special pickup time outside of staffed hours. When you come to pick up your keycard, make sure you're at the main gym and not the group fitness studio. The main gym's address is 1941 W County Rd 419, Suite 1031. It is not 1945 W County Rd 419, Suite 1121 (that's the studio). Note that if your membership is through an insurance-paid program, your program must be verified before we can provide you with your keycard. Do this in advance by emailing your insurance program details—not your medical insurance details—to Related FAQs: What is MINDBODY? And how does it work? Do you accept insurance-paid programs?
  • What is MINDBODY? And how does it work?
    MINDBODY is Momentum Fitness' software, where you manage all aspects of your Momentum membership, including: Contact information, such as phone number, email, address, and birthday Payment information/credit card number Family/shared membership individuals and payments Group fitness class reservations The best and easiest way to access your membership on the go is with the Momentum Fitness app. While almost all aspects of your membership can be managed in the Momentum Fitness app, you may also access your profile on a computer. Here is a direct link to managing your MINDBODY profile in a web browser. We strongly recommend you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the MINDBODY system so you can take full advantage of your membership and get immediate resolutions to any issues you may encounter. Read more about managing your MINDBODY account here. Read more about managing your MINDBODY schedule here. Read more about how MINDBODY class reservations and waitlists work here. Read more about canceling your membership here.
  • I forgot my credentials—how do I log in to MINDBODY?
    To access your Momentum Fitness account, you must log into MINDBODY, either through a web browser (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), or through the Momentum Fitness app. Your credentials are the email you used when buying your membership and your chosen password. Forgotten Email If you are not sure what email you used to register, search through the email accounts you have for emails from "Momentum Fitness." Emails related to your membership could have been delivered from these email addresses:, or The email where you are receiving these notifications is the email your account is enrolled with. If you still cannot locate your account email, reach out to us. Forgotten Password Access MINDBODY through the web here: In the Sign In box, click Need new password? at the bottom. Follow the on-screen steps to create a new password.
  • What is this charge on my account?
    When you purchase a membership, it includes two amounts: Your first monthly membership fee, which will be charged the same day each month thereafter. Your enrollment fee. This fee will be charged again as a maintenance fee each year of continuous membership on the anniversary of your membership start. (Canceling and rejoining within a year of being charged the maintenance fee will result in a new maintenance fee charge. You can read more about maintenance fees here.) If you read the description of the charge on your account in MINDBODY and on your credit card statement and are still unclear about what a charge is for, reach out to
  • Can I bring a guest?
    Members are not permitted to bring guests to the main gym. If someone wants to join you for a class as a guest, however, there is a cost associated. Email for instructions on how your guest can pay and pre-enroll for the class they wish to try. Be sure to do this at least 24 hours in advance of the desired class.
  • How do I update my credit card?
    If you need to update your credit card payment method, we recommend using the Momentum Fitness app. Navigate to Profile > Wallet > Add a Card. You will need to add a new card before deleting the existing card. If you are taking these steps after an autopay has failed, you will need to email or text us to manually run your autopay again in order for your membership to reactivate. If you are taking these steps before an autopay has failed, you're all set! In the event you need to use a computer as opposed to your mobile device, log into your MINDBODY account through a web browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.). You can go directly there through this link. Once you have accessed your account successfully, navigate to My Info > Profile > Billing Information. If you are taking these steps after an autopay has failed, you will need to email or text us to manually run your autopay again in order for your membership to reactivate. If you are taking these steps before an autopay has failed, you're all set! Note: Your payment information cannot be updated through the old, "orange" MINDBODY mobile app.
  • Why am I not receiving communications from Momentum Fitness?
    If you are not receiving regular communications from us, you must first check that you have turned on communications in your MINDBODY profile. Learn how to do that here.
  • Why is the app trying to charge me for a class when I have an active membership?
    If the app is not allowing you to enroll in a class for free and is attempting to charge you a fee, something is not right with your membership. Please send an email to, specifying the class name, date, and time you are trying to enroll in. We will get you sorted!
  • How do I suspend my membership?
    If you need to take a prolonged break from using your membership and would prefer to suspend rather than cancel your membership, you will not be able to do this yourself. Send an email to with the details of the suspension. Note: We cannot accommodate suspensions more than 6 months in duration. If you know when you are returning, include both the start and end dates of the membership suspension in your email. Your membership will be automatically set to stop and restart on the dates you provide. If you are not sure when you are returning, such as pending an indeterminate recovery time, for example, ask for an open-ended suspension in your email. You will need to send a second email when you are ready to return to end the suspension. If you do not contact us within 6 months of your suspension, your membership will be terminated and you will need to rejoin.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    SELF-CANCELLATION: IMMEDIATE You may cancel your membership yourself at any time. Note that self-cancellation is effective immediately, regardless of where you are in your pay cycle. Should you rejoin at a later date, your membership's associated annual fee will be charged again, regardless of when your previous annual fee was charged. If instead you would like to suspend your membership because you intend to return after a prolonged break, please follow the steps in the "How do I suspend my membership?" FAQ. You must cancel your membership in MINDBODY through a web browser (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.). Navigate to our MINDBODY online home page at Log in to your account using your credentials. If you cannot remember your password, click the "Need new password?" link. Go to My Info > Account. Under Autopays, find your membership and click on Terminate. If you are attempting to cancel on a mobile device web browser instead of a computer, the Terminate button (orange) will be outside the default viewing area (green) shown in the image below. Zoom out or scroll right to view the Terminate button. BUSINESS CANCELLATION: FUTURE AND IMMEDIATE In the event that you want to end your membership on a future date, you must email with the date you would like your membership to end. We can ensure that you are still able to use your membership through the future date with the appropriate charges. Our Account Manager can also terminate your membership immediately, if preferred. CANCELLATION REFUNDS Because our members are not under contract and may cancel at any time, we do not offer refunds for unused memberships. However, we know that life can get hectic and things forgotten. If a membership refund is requested for failure to terminate your membership, Momentum Fitness will retain the higher of $5 or 10% of the total refund to cover credit card processing fees.
Was your question not answered above? Click on the little guy with a laptop in the lower right corner, or text us at 407-707-6913.
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