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How do MINDBODY waitlists work?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Every group fitness class at Riverside Fitness has a maximum capacity of participants due to space and equipment limitations. If you have reserved a spot in class, you are guaranteed access. If a class is fully booked to capacity, you can still try to access the class by putting yourself on the waitlist.

Being moved into class from the waitlist

If you are on a waitlist, you will be bumped into class when a class reservation is cancelled based on order of booking, oldest first. You will then receive a text notification as follows:

You've been added to [class name] @ [class time] on [class date] @Riverside Fitness. Text "Y" to attend, "N" to decline, or "STOP" to unsubscribe.

You're not done, though...

Confirming waitlist transfers to class roster

Please do not ignore the above text message. By replying "Y," your spot is confirmed. By replying "N," you are removed from class and the next person on the waitlist is bumped in.

Isn't that such a decent thing to do?

Late cancellation window

Nobody is sitting in their driveway wearing their workout clothes with the keys in the ignition waiting for the last-minute notification that they have been moved into a class from the waitlist five minutes before class starts. At least we hope not...

We want to allow those moved into class from waitlist ample time to get to class. For this reason, there is a one hour window prior to class start at which point...

  1. the waitlist becomes locked (i.e., no one is moved into class from waitlist, even if a spot opens up), and

  2. anyone who cancels their spot in class is marked with a "late cancel."

Waitlist communications via email only

You can choose to receive schedule reminders via email only, but here is why you don't want to do that:

  1. You cannot confirm/reject a waitlist bump via email. It would take you extra steps to cancel your reservation should you need to.

  2. You have to check your email constantly to be aware of this.

  3. If you get moved into class and are not aware because you didn't see the email, you will be marked with a "no show."

Late cancels and no shows

Riverside Fitness does not currently charge for late cancels and no shows. Life happens, we know! Dogs escape, kids get sick, there are accidents on the freeway, etc.

However, when a member repeatedly cancels late or fails to show up for a reserved spot in class, this leaves an open spot in class and prevents other members from having access to what their membership pays for. We can all agree that is not cool, right?

Some hypotheticals

  1. You are number 5 on the waitlist for class tonight at 5:30. You assume you won't make it into class since you're number 5, so you make other plans for 5:30. At 4:28, you receive a text notifying you that you have been bumped into class, but you don't see the text or you see it five minutes later. Now you cannot make it. You earn a late cancel/no show. Boooooo.

  2. You are number 1 on the waitlist for your favorite class and you really, really want to go. You don't get bumped into class, but you later find out from your friend who was in class that there were 4 open spots from late cancels and no shows! What a waste!

  3. It's 10pm Friday night and you're having the best time with the neighbors. You receive a text notification that you have been moved into the 8am Saturday class from waitlist. That no longer sounds like a good idea to you, so you reply "N" to the text. You're free to keep partying, and the next person on the waitlist gets the chance to claim a spot in class. Cheers!

  4. You haven't been able to find an open spot in class all week! Everything is on waitlist and you're feeling discouraged. It's lunchtime at work and you're browsing MINDBODY when you see.....could it be? Suddenly there is a spot in tonight's class because your fellow Riverside members have been much more proactive about canceling reservations they know they won't be using! You grab your spot in tonight's class and have a great time. Beast mode!

What does all this mean?

In summary:

  1. As soon as you know you cannot make it to class, cancel your reservation or waitlist position.

  2. Do not assume because you are on a waitlist that you will not get in.

  3. Sign up for schedule reminders via text. Read how here.

  4. Reply to waitlist confirmation texts no matter what the response is, Y or N.

  5. Periodically review your schedule in the MINDBODY app or on the MINDBODY website so you're not surprised by your reservations (not an excuse, by the way!) Read how here.

  6. Assuming everyone kicks the naughty behaviors described above...

    1. you can start browsing MINDBODY in the hours leading up to class and expect to find a spot, and

    2. your perpetual waitlist status becomes a thing of the past.


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