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The Momentum Fitness Branded App

Updated: Mar 12

We are so excited to announce that we now have our own app! While the app is still MINDBODY under the hood, rather than surfing through hundreds of other businesses and visual clutter, you can interact directly and only with Momentum Fitness in our very own app. The app also allows easier management of all aspects of your membership, including updating payment methods, and allows push notifications for information that is time-sensitive, such as schedule changes.

Getting Started

Downloading the App

Download the app from the app store for your device:

Opening the App

When you first open the app, you will be prompted to agree to notifications. It is strongly recommended you agree to these notifications. The app notifications will not buzz you all day in an attempt to drive up engagement or sell you anything, unlike those other apps on your phone. Our app will only use push notifications (those pop-ups on your phone) to inform you of time-sensitive information about the facility or if there are any changes to a class or appointment you have booked. If you accidentally decline these notifications or just want to change things down the road, you can further tweak how the app notifications work once you are logged in under Settings.

Logging into the App

Log in to the app using your MINDBODY membership credentials. Having trouble logging in? Read more in our FAQ below.

Navigating the App

Below, we will walk you through the different sections of the app, as navigated through the menu at the bottom.


  • At the top you will find a message from the business.

  • Next is your next scheduled training appointment or class reservation.

  • Next is another section with messaging from the business. These messages are grouped by category. (These also can be viewed in the More section.)

  • Next is a listing of the next classes running on the schedule, with an option to view the full schedule.

  • At the bottom is your most recent appointment or class.


Here is where you can view the group fitness class schedule and sign up for classes. This is also the second of three places you can see what classes you are already booked for.

After booking a class, you will be asked if you'd like to add you class reservation to your calendar, which is great for our super organized members, but also great for those of us who tend to forget!


Your profile is divided into three sections: Schedule, Passes, and Wallet.

The Schedule section shows your schedule with upcoming and previous bookings; it's the third of three places where you can see your bookings. (To view the full class schedule, navigate to the Book section of the app.) The Passes section shows your membership type and status. The Wallet section is where you can enter and update your credit card information. Read more in our FAQ below.


  • The same business messaging categories that display on the Home screen display here. You will need to swipe left to view all the messages in each category.

  • Contact lists our address, business hours, phone number, and links to send us an email or visit our website and socials.

  • Notifications is where you can view any push notifications we have sent you.

  • Settings allows you to tweak how the app behaves on your device. You can also link your bookings to your device's digital calendar, so you never forget a booking.


Why are my login credentials not working?

In our testing, some of us found that we had to reset our password to something new in order to log into the new app. (Resetting to your prior password will not work.) If you are confident you are entering your credentials correctly and still do not get in, click Sign In, then "Forgot your password?". You will be prompted to enter your membership email and a password reset link will be sent to you. You know the rest!

Does this new app replace the MINDBODY app?

Yes. This is a version of the MINDBODY app that is just for Momentum Fitness. You can delete the original MINDBODY app from your phone, or you may keep it. Both apps will work, but only the Momentum Fitness app ties directly to your profile with Momentum Fitness. In particular, you can only update your credit card information for autopays under our branded app, not the MINDBODY app. To minimize confusion, we recommend deleting the MINDBODY app if you do not use the app at other businesses using MINDBODY.

Does this app replace my physical keycard?

Not at the moment. When our new door reader arrives, you will eventually scan into the gym using your app. More to come!

Where can I see what classes I'm signed up for?

You can see this in three places:

  1. On the Home screen near the top.

  2. On the Book screen next to the class on the schedule.

  3. On the Profile > Schedule screen.

Where do I update my credit card on file?

Navigate to Profile > Wallet. If you have one payment method stored, the existing payment method cannot be modified or deleted. To update your credit card, click the "Add a Card" button, enter the new information, save it, then delete the old/incorrect credit card. If your payment method update is simple, such as updating the expiration date or CVV, it may be faster to do through the MINDBODY web interface instead.

Where do I cancel my booking?

There are two places you can cancel bookings. If it's the soonest booking on your profile, you can cancel directly on the Home screen. If it's a booking after your upcoming booking, you can cancel by navigating to Profile > Schedule.

The app keeps saying I need to update my information or complete my profile. What gives?

Some information is required for insurance and liability purposes. If your profile was created in the past, it is possible that required information was not captured, which is what the app is prompting you to complete. Simply move through the app guidance to complete the missing information, and you're all set.


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