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Class Policies and Etiquette

Group classes are one of the best ways to keep your workouts fresh and to keep yourself accountable. Please familiarize yourself with our class policies and etiquette in order to keep our classes enjoyable, safe, and effective for everyone.


Members are required to register for group classes in advance of attendance. This allows our facility to ensure classes are adequately staffed, adequately spaced, and have sufficient equipment. 

Class registration opens 28 days before the class. While we understand there are many demands on your schedule, please register early for classes you plan to attend to ensure the class is not canceled for low enrollment.


Unless otherwise noted on the MindBody schedule, all group classes are held in the group fitness studio, which is in the 1945 building, suite 1121. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start in order to set up and be checked in to class.

If you receive an email notification that you were absent from class that you in fact attended, reply to that email so we can update your attendance.


Classes are set to a maximum enrollment due to space and equipment limitations. When a class is fully enrolled, additional members interested in attending are added to a waitlist. As spaces in class become available, members are added to the class roster from the waitlist in the order they registered.

Please do not assume that if you are on a waitlist that you will not later be added to the class roster. If you are no longer planning to attend a class, you must remove yourself from the waitlist.

Members will continue to be added to the class roster from the wait list until 1 hour before class start.


If for some reason you cannot attend a class—whether you have reserved a spot in the class or if you are on the wait list—it is your responsibility to cancel your reservation as soon as possible. This allows all members, including yourself, to access the classes they wish. We ask that you be respectful of everyone by canceling the reservations you will not be using—including waitlist positions—as early as you can.

Late Cancellations and Absences

Registrations that are canceled within 1 hour before class start are considered "late" cancellations. Classes where you are registered and fail to attend are considered an "absence." Both late cancellations and absences are counted on your account.

We understand that emergencies happen, however, your ability to reserve classes may be temporarily suspended if your account has an excessive number of late cancellations and absences. 

Class Etiquette

It is expected that participants in a choreographed class (i.e., where the class participants are executing movement in time together) will follow the class as cued by the instructor.

  • If you plan to change the movement in some way due to injury, please speak with the instructor prior to class start so they are aware of your limitation and so they can recommend proper modification.

  • If you plan to change the movement in some way due to preference, please consider attending a freestyle class, such as boot camp, instead. When you deviate from class choreography, you distract other members, detracting from their enjoyment and introducing the possibility for injury.  If you still feel the need to "do your own thing," please arrive early enough to set up your position in class at the back of the room, so your incongruent movements are not happening in the line of sight for other participants following the instructor.

Leaving Early

If for some reason you need to leave a class before its scheduled end, please arrive early enough to set up a position near the door. Notify the instructor of your planned early departure, and leave your equipment in place. Putting equipment away while a class is still in session is extremely dangerous for yourself and other participants.

Schedule Subject to Change

Our class schedule is subject to change due to staffing, weather conditions, and more. The schedule showing in MindBody is always accurate. To ensure you are not driving to the gym for a class that is canceled, sign up for classes in advance so you receive emailed/text notifications of any changes to scheduling.

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