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Let's get moving!

Welcome to the Momentum Fitness crew!


While we will work hard to ensure that you can purchase and begin using your membership as soon as possible, there are some administrative things we need from you first, and this may take time, particularly outside of normal business hours and holidays. For this reason, you will be completing your enrollment online before coming up to the gym. You will not be able to join in person at gym reception.

Before you begin the enrollment process, know that you will be required to provide a picture of your valid driver's license as well as read through and sign off on our liability waiver, facility policies, class policies, and terms of sale. You will be expected to know and abide by these policies as a Momentum Fitness member, so please take some time to fully familiarize yourself with these policies prior to joining.

If you are joining via a third party program, read through your program's paperwork and make sure you have your unique enrollment ID for that particular program.

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