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Facility Policies


Keycard Sharing

All memberships, regardless of type, are usable by the named keycard holder only. Memberships and keycard access cannot be shared, and all members must access the facility using the keycard issued to them individually.

Entering the Gym

When entering the main gym, you must swipe in using the keycard issued to you to record your presence. At no time should you be physically in the building without having first swiped in. You must swipe even if the door is already open, even if you have a family membership, and even if you have been a member for years.  You must provide your keycard upon demand by any staff member.

Youth Behavior

All members under 18 years of age must observe the same rules as adults. Parent contact information must be stored on youth member profiles. If youth members repeatedly violate facility rules, their membership will be terminated without refund.

All Rules

Failure to follow our facility rules may result in the immediate termination of your membership without refund. 

  1. All members must provide valid identification (such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID) upon joining. They must also provide a valid email and phone number unique to the individual member in their member enrollment profile. Shared emails and/or phone numbers are not permitted.

  2. Upon request, members and non-members entering the building are required to stand for a photograph in our database.

  3. Without exception, all members must scan their individual keycard prior to entering the building. At no time should a member be in the building without having first scanned in. Members must provide their keycard on demand whenever asked by a staff member.

  4. Sharing membership access credentials with another individual to give them access to our facilities is strictly forbidden.

  5. Do not bring or otherwise allow a person to enter the facility. Members are not permitted to bring guests outside of official guest-permitted promotional events. 

  6. Doors must remain closed.

  7. The facility is monitored 24/7 by surveillance camera. Do not touch or interfere with security cameras. 

  8. Members playing videos or music on their devices are required to use headphones.

  9. Do not interfere with the televisions, gym speakers or interior music.

  10. Members may not film or photograph other members without their consent. Filming yourself discreetly, while allowed, is strongly discouraged during busy times. Any filming or photographing of yourself at any time that interferes with other members’ usage of the facility or that disturbs other members in any way is not allowed. 

  11. Proper exercise attire is required at all times. This includes wearing shirts and closed-toe footwear. 

  12. The facility is an inherently sweaty place. We ask that all members observe basic personal hygiene, including but not limited to using clean clothes to work out. 

  13. Misuse and abuse of equipment or the facility space that harms Momentum Fitness property, equipment, yourself, or other members is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of your membership without refund.

  14. Notify staff and all other members using the facility if any equipment is not working properly or if you notice any potentially dangerous conditions within the facility. If no staff are present, please text 407.707.6913 or email Do not attempt to repair machines.

  15. Only use equipment you understand how to use. Use QR codes on machines to view instructional videos or ask a staff member if you are unsure of how to use the equipment. 

  16. Inspect your surroundings to make sure equipment and weights are not obstructing your intended exercise. Inspect the equipment to make sure it is properly functioning prior to using the equipment. 

  17. Utilize a spotter or equipment with safety guards whenever lifting heavy weight. Utilize emergency stop clips on powered machines, i.e. treadmills and stair climbers.

  18. Remove all potential trip hazards from floor.

  19. Do not monopolize machines or benches for an excessive amount of time. Kindly limit weight machines to 5 minutes and cardio machines to 30 minutes so others may also utilize the machines.

  20. Using the towels and cleanser spray bottles provided, wipe down and return all equipment to its designated place after use and clean bench entirely of sweat. Return soiled towels and cleanser spray bottles to their designated locations.

  21. Stop exercising if you experience a potential injury and seek medical attention. 

  22. No loitering. “Hanging out” and excessive socializing should be done outside the facility.

  23. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the gym at any time. 

  24. Do not spit on the floors or vape inside the facility.

  25. Flush only toilet paper and human waste in facility toilets.

  26. Members are responsible for their conduct and behavior. Any conduct endangering the safety of yourself or others is not allowed. Any conduct risking damage to equipment or the facility is not allowed. Parents/guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children under 18 years old, regardless of parents’/guardians’ presence.

  27. In the event that a non-member has accessed the facility using another member’s credentials—either with or without the member’s knowledge—said member will be held liable for any conduct of the non-member, including any injuries to themselves and others or damages to property and equipment. As a member, you agree to protect and safeguard the access you have been granted as an individual.

  28. Children under 18

    • 13 and under​: Child cannot physically be in the facility without a parent present and within arm's reach at all times, or while they are actively working with a personal trainer. Parents bringing their children into the facility acknowledge they are willingly bringing their child to a place where the likelihood of serious injury and costly damages are inherent and unavoidable, and said parents are assuming full responsibility for those risks to their child, themselves, other gym patrons, the facility space, and Momentum Fitness property. The rack room and adjacent back room are off limits to children under 16 years old.

    • 14-15: Child must have their own paid membership. Additionally, they can only use the facility either A) with their parent present, B) while they are actively working with a personal trainer, or C) without their parent/trainer if they have successfully completed a youth orientation class with our staff. Parent must be an active member themselves. The rack room and adjacent back room are off limits to children under 16 years old. Child will only be issued facility access credentials if they have successfully completed a youth orientation class.

    • 16-17: Child must have their own paid membership and can use the facility without restriction. Child must provide their own valid email and phone number; shared emails and phone numbers are not permitted. Parent does not need to be an active member themselves, but must provide their full information, including driver’s license, to Momentum Fitness. Parent must sign waiver on child’s behalf. Youth orientation class is not required, but encouraged.
      Parent contact information is required for all members under 18 years of age.

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