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Personal Trainer and Instructor

NASM certified personal trainer and certified kettle bell instructor. Reach out to Collin to find out how he can help you reach your goals!

You can be anything you want, but you need to be strong first. I learned this lesson firsthand during a sparring session at my MMA Gym in 2021 when I got taken down and tore my left meniscus for the second time. This injury brought to my attention the need for a real strength and conditioning program in my training.

Since my injury I have dedicated myself to learning proper technique and programming that can be used to increase general strength and prevent injuries. I am a certified StrongFirst instructor and will use kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight training to help you achieve your goals whether it be improving strength and conditioning, achieving fat loss, or building muscle. If you’re hesitant about personal training or have questions, please reach out to me at the contact information below.

If personal training is not an option for financial or scheduling reasons, consider atttending one of my kettlebell classes offered at the Momentum Fitness group fitness studio: Tu/Th 8:00-8:45 AM, and Sat 9:15-10:00 AM.

My favorite part about training at Momentum is the community we serve. We are a gym for regular people who are trying to better themselves and their health on a daily basis. It would be an honor to help you on that journey. A little about me:

  • I’m originally from Massachusetts and moved to Orlando in 2019.

  • I’m a 3rd degree black belt in kempo karate and have trained in kickboxing since high school.

  • If I’m not working or training, I’m probably taking a walk, reading a book, or buying fitness equipment I don’t need.


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