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Yoga instructor who will slowly guide you through gentle stretches and muscle strengthening postures every Sunday. Namaste.

Jackie, a New York native, has been practicing yoga since college—for over 25 years. After college graduation, she worked as a personal trainer at a local gym in Washington state. Continuing to practice yoga, she experienced increased flexibility and strength, as well as the immense spiritual benefits of yoga.

Jackie used yoga techniques to recover from knee surgery and during the natural childbirth of her two children. She completed the 300 hour yoga teacher training and 100 hour pranassage* training. Jackie believes that everyone’s body and mind—beginner and experienced alike—can benefit from the yoga journey.

*Pranassage is a creative form of yoga and bodywork the helps the receiver experience a deep state of relaxation.


Click on the image above to read a short interview with this staff member.

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