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BodyCombat instructor and elementary school teacher who wants everyone to feel comfortable in class and coming back for more.

Kerry has been passionate about sports and fitness her entire life. As a child, you would always find her outside playing some kind of sport and by 8th grade she discovered field hockey and was determined to make the high school team. In college, her focus was to become an elementary school teacher, but she still wanted to stay active. Kerry joined a local gym and decided to take group fitness classes. That is when she discovered her love for Les Mills, especially BODYCOMBAT.

In 2004, Kerry was offered a teaching position for Seminole County Public Schools and always dreamed of living in the Sunshine State. One of the first things she did once she settled in was to find a local gym with Les Mills. Luckily, she was able to take her favorite class again, which was a huge stress reliever after a long day at school. It was a no-brainer for her to become an instructor because she loved teaching people, and this was something she was and is still so passionate about. 15+ years later, and she loves BODYCOMBAT as much as she did when she first started!


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