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New Member Enrollment

Start by creating your MINDBODY profile using the form below. 


After your profile is made, you will receive an automated email from our system. In that email is a link for you to proceed with your membership enrollment. Click that link to be taken to your next online form, where you will be guided through additional questions and asked to provide a photo of your valid ID.

After you have completed the form linked in the first automated email, you will receive a second email from our staff via In that email you will be asked to digitally sign your membership paperwork, acknowledging agreement to our other policies. You may read through those policies using the links below prior to joining.

Facility Policies

Class Policies and Etiquette

Terms of Sale

Liability Waiver

When you have completed all of the above steps, you will receive a third and final email confirming your membership is active. This email will also outline your next steps, including how to obtain your keycard to access the facility.

The form below is for new members only. If you were previously a Momentum Fitness or Riverside Fitness member, navigate to the previous page and click the Returning Members button, or go directly there by clicking this link.

MB Web Enrollment STOP.png
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