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Become Your Best Self: A 12-Week Guided Journey

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

We are big fans of Les Mills and Les Mills+ at Momentum Fitness, and we're pleased to share with you a 12-week self-guided journey to becoming your best self, designed by the Les Mills International team.

None of us are any strangers to the stress, monotony, and endlessness of life's many demands. When attempting to keep everything running smoothly and keeping everyone happy, many people often neglect themselves: their health, their needs, their wants, and their personal goals. Self-sacrifice is not inherently bad, but when it becomes your standard operating procedure, you've got a problem. And you know what they say: you're not much help to anyone else if you spread yourself so thin that you start to fall apart.

Cozy and welcoming bed with a fresh coffee and good book.

The best version of you is the one where you are also a priority. This program is designed to help you take a step back and evaluate what you're actually doing against what you want to be doing. Download this document and work through it at your own pace. There are three modules featuring short videos and follow-up activities.

Even if you don't think of yourself is struggling, this program is a useful recalibration tool. When is the last time you really stopped and asked yourself: Do I feel balanced? What is important to me and how do my habits align with my values? How am I taking care of myself?

Ready to make some positive changes? We thought so!


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