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April News

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Life Fitness Connect App

As we continue to replace the old selectorized machines in the gym with new Life Fitness models, we want to highlight one of the great features that come with Life Fitness machines, which is the Life Fitness Connect app.

This free app allows you to keep track of which machines you use, including your weight selection, number of reps, and how many sets you did. You no longer need to carry around a little notepad! Do you like to plan your workouts in advance? The app can help you do that, too!

Even if you do not use the selectorized (aka pre-loaded weight stack) machines and stick to free weights or non-Life Fitness equipment, you can record your weight selection, reps, and sets or time and distance!

Maybe you're not sure how to use a particular machine. Not a problem! Scan any QR code on the machine and it will take you directly to the place in the app where you can watch a short video on the machine. Just note that some of the machines are multi-function and have more than one QR code, so be sure to scan the QR code corresponding to the usage you want to learn more about or log activity for.

Questions? After you've downloaded the app to your mobile device and set up your free Life Fitness Connect account, any of our team can show you how to get going.

Downloading the Life Fitness Connect App

Door Access

The door reader has been on its last legs for some time, and we are looking forward to it being replaced! We just want to remind everyone that the buzzer does not always make a sound after a successful swipe anymore, but the door is indeed unlocked. Remember, when swiping your keycard:

  1. The bar code needs to be facing left (i.e., towards the door).

  2. Find the "Goldilocks" swipe speed: too fast and the card won't read, too slow and the card won't read. Think of it like swiping a credit card in the olden days. :-) The keycard reader (not the door) will make a sound for a successful swipe.

  3. After you swipe, don't wait for a sound from the door—it might not make one! You may, however, hear a small click.

We will be replacing MindBody and its associated door reader with a new software and a phone-based access system in mid-June. We would love to just sweep in and replace it today, but replacing MindBody is a large undertaking and we want to make sure there are minimal disruptions due to the changeover. We will keep you posted as the changes unfold!

Last, please be sure to always swipe your keycard when entering the facility, even if the door is already open.

Youths at the Gym

We continue to strive to be a family-friendly gym in order to encourage fitness and healthy movement from an early age. However, we also want to ensure that the gym environment we provide is an environment that is respectful to all of our members.

In the past couple months, the complaints we are receiving about youth behavior in the gym have been on the rise. We want to avoid calling parents and guardians directly to issue warnings, so we ask that if you have young people working out at the gym without you present, please take the time to discuss proper gym etiquette with them, including but not limited to:

  • Keeping socializing out of high-traffic areas and at a volume that is not distracting other members. Consider taking group talks outside if they are getting loud, happening in the main walkways, or resulting in a piece of equipment being monopolized.

  • Using equipment properly. This is for their safety and the condition of our facility.

  • Returning equipment and accessories to where they belong. Again, this is not just a matter of respect to other patrons, this is for everybody's safety.

  • Guests are not allowed. Under 18 members cannot bring under 18 guests at any time.

Thank you!

Les Mills "Luau" Launch

It's time for the newest releases of BodyPump, BodyCombat, and Les Mills Core! Our launch will take place in April, starting Saturday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 25.

Can't make it to our launch parties and all the fun they include? That's okay. You will still experience the new release in every Les Mills class for two weeks following launch.

Reserve your spot in our launch classes directly, using the links below:

Find the Hidden Leprechaun Winner

In case you missed our Facebook Live announcement of the Find the Hidden Leprechaun contest, our winner was Barbara Opper! Barbara won a $50 gift card for finding the hidden leprechaun and following the contest rules.

We do want to mention whoever found the March 14 leprechaun (kettlebell class) would have won had they posted their find!


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