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December News

2021 in Review

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to sincerely thank all of our members who have been part of what has probably been the biggest year of growth for Riverside Fitness. In 2021, we:

  • Spent $150,000 on new equipment.

  • Expanded our group fitness studio.

  • Spent $10,000 updating our A/C units.

  • Added new classes, such as Les Mills Core.

  • Added 3 new personal trainers: Maegan, Marc, and Brandon.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow, and we are so thankful you are here to grow with us.

Community Garden Update

Our community garden now includes several food boxes. Each food box is sponsored by a local business or individual. We are proud to have partnered with the following:

  • Breaking Barre

  • Premium Property Care

  • Linder and Thornley

  • Southeastern Fitness Equipment

  • Waypointe Realty

Are you interested in sponsoring a food box or assisting with its upkeep? Large ads cost $650 and small ads cost $350. Reach out to Wayne at 321.347.2900 if you or your business are interested.

Personal Training Special

Could your training benefit from a personalized touch? Right now, you can get 16 personal training sessions with Marc or Brandon for only $240. Simply reach out to Marc or Brandon to purchase and book your sessions! Get their contact information at the page below:

Meet Brandon and Marc

We have two new personal trainers at Riverside Fitness. Take some time to read about Brandon and Marc to see if they're a good fit for you and your goals. Join us in welcoming them and please say hi when you see them!

Chat with Wayne

Our owner, Wayne, would like to offer Riverside members the opportunity to chat with him about all things health. Use this link to schedule your 30-minute session with Wayne:

Shaklee, with Stephanie

Shaklee has made figuring exactly what supplements your body needs to fill in the nutritional gaps we all have in this quick free assessment tool. Join me, Stephanie, and my team of wellness warriors as we head into the holiday season feeling even stronger and better than ever. This event is a favorite and guaranteed to excite you.

Your recommendations will be emailed to you, and I am available to consult if you choose to share your results. When you choose the 30 Day challenge or purchase $150 of protein and vitamins*, you will be invited into our free group. Start here:

What is in the challenge kit?

*Free shipping, free 7 day cleanse, free membership!

Contact Information:

Stephanie Turner



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