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Summer BOGO Sale for Teachers and College Students

Updated: May 14

We know how hard you work all school year long. We also know how easy it is to let school take over everything, making your workouts a thing of the past. Why not use your summer to take care of your fitness?

Momentum Fitness is offering a special summer membership sale exclusively for teachers and college students that includes 24/7 gym access, unlimited group fitness classes, and all the other benefits a Momentum Fitness membership provides. You have two options:

  • buy one month at our standard membership rate of $39.99/month, and get one month free, or

  • buy two months at our standard membership rate of $39.99/month, and get one month free.

There is no enrollment fee, and your membership will automatically terminate two or three months from the date of purchase, depending on the option you choose. If you want to convert to a regular membership following your BOGO promotion, you will simply pay the $35 enrollment fee and continue with $39.99/month autopays. You can always cancel at any time.

This sale, for new and returning members only, starts May 15 and ends June 15.

A student or faculty ID will be required in order to purchase this promotion.


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