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Find the Hidden Leprechauns

It's time for a little contest! From March 1 through March 16, we will hide a leprechaun somewhere in the gym or studio. To help you out, we will post a clue to the leprechaun's whereabouts on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The first person to find the leprechaun, take a photo of themselves with the leprechaun, post it online, and tag Riverside Fitness will be entered in the prize drawing. The winner will be chosen on Facebook live on March 17 and will receive a $50 gift card!

To make sure your found leprechaun counts as an entry, you must be sure to follow the rules:

  1. You must take a photo of yourself with the leprechaun in the spot where you found him. Leprechauns found lying about in random places, regrettably, do not count towards this contest.

  2. You must post the photo either to Facebook or Instagram as a public post. If your post is "friends only," we may not be able to see it and won't be able to count your entry.

  3. Posting on Facebook? You must tag Riverside Fitness' page on your post. Posting on Instagram? You must tag Riverside Fitness' account on your post (@riversidefitnessllc).

Questions? Shoot us an email.

Happy leprechaun hunting!


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