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January News

Happy New Year, returning and new members! Everyone loves that "new car smell" that new years have, don't they? Let's start fresh with this gift of a new beginning as we restart, refocus, or reprioritize what matters most to us. Remember this feeling, because you're going to want to take this through the rest of the year!

Membership Sale for New Members

New members who register before January 31 will get "24 days free for '24." Take advantage of this great deal by purchasing your membership here:

Note: This is promotion is for new members only. Current members cannot purchase this promotion.

Smart Start

So you’ve made your new year’s resolution, and you’re ready to go. But how? What exactly does getting started mean? What’s realistic? How much is too much?

If you are restarting your fitness journey in 2024, learn about the SMART way to start so your new habits can "stick." Read about Smart Start at our blog, which includes a downloadable workout planner and more:

Downloadable Habit Tracker

There is no shortage of apps, websites, and planners out there designed to help you form and stick to healthy habits. All of those are great, but we want to caution you against trying to make too many changes at the same time. No amount of willpower is going to take you from someone with little to no healthy habits to someone who is perfect at everything in a week, a month, or even six months.

This is why we preach consistency over everything else for the month of January. Focus on just showing up and executing consistently. Lay that foundation of non-negotiable basics—sleep, water, steps, and training—and focus on hitting as many of them as you can, every day. When you succeed at consistently nailing the basics for at least a month, turning your focus to the other important stuff, like diet, falls into place much easier.

Results come from habits, so focus on habits first!

You can read more and download at our blog post:

Other Resources

Dry January

The word "detox" has been abused a lot in the fitness and health influencer community, but sometimes you need to periodically eliminate or minimize something from your repertoire, like alcohol! If you didn't join us for Sober October, you can still follow along using our four-week series for Sober October's sister: Dry January.

Read our Sober October series here:

Become Your Best Self: A 12-Week Self-Guided Journey

We know some of our members don't need Smart Start or Dry January, but perhaps it's time to take a long look at other aspects of your fitness and wellness journey. Access the free self-guided program with journaling exercises and short videos to recalibrate for 2024!

Les Mills Launch

The first 2024 new Les Mills releases are here! Theme and date to be announced soon!


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