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How to take advantage of virtual classes

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Whether you cannot get into your favorite group fitness classes because they are full or you simply aren't ready to physically participate in a group setting, we have launched virtual classes via MINDBODY.

How to sign up

Log into MINDBODY and register for any Virtual class. Our Virtual classes all have "Virtual" in the title. MINDBODY will send you an email approximately 30 minutes before class starts with the unique URL to that particular class. You can access the link in the email as soon as you have it, but you must access the link in the email no later than 20 minutes after class starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the email with the link to the class?

The email will come from The subject line will be "Here's the link to [class name] on [date]." Use this information to search your inbox. Check your Spam folder. If you're using Gmail's categories in your inbox, it might be routed elsewhere than your primary category. Use Gmail's filters to always route these emails to your primary inbox.

Can I view a virtual class at a later time?

No. The virtual classes are intended to be joined live. However, we are also building an on-demand library of classes in MINDBODY that you can watch as your schedule permits. We will share the link to that on-demand library next week. In the meantime, our YouTube channel still has a large selection of on-demand workouts you can do.

Can I still join a class via Facebook?

No. There are issues with music copyright that prevent us from continuing to stream classes over Facebook. We also want to make sure Riverside members who are not Facebook users can access these offerings.

Can I sign up for virtual and the in-person class at the same time?

If you are on the wait list for the in-person class and it is also being broadcast over virtual, we have temporarily enabled the option for you to enroll in both. This way you're guaranteed a spot, even if you join from home.


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