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June News

Updated: Jun 21

Summer is here and the heat is upon us. Of course, we're no strangers to sweating here at Momentum Fitness. Let's see what's coming up!

Summer Training Camps for Youths

For our members' kids aged 8 to 17, we are offering youth training camps this June and July led by our trainer, Nicole. This is a great opportunity for your children to stay active this summer, upskill themselves in fitness exercises and equipment, and prepare themselves for school or intramural sports. Kids do not need to be athletes! All skill levels are welcome.

Each camp is 5 days, Monday through Friday. The cost is $125/week. Kids in the 8-12yo camp should pack a light lunch. Each camp will consist of speed and agility training in our group fitness studio and strength training, either in the studio or main gym.

We are offering youth camps the following weeks:

  • June 24-28

    • Children aged 8 to 12: 11:30-1:00*

    • Children aged 13 to 17: 1:30-3:00

  • July 15-19

    • Children aged 8 to 12: 11:30-1:00*

    • Children aged 13 to 17: 1:30-3:00

* The 8-12yo group should pack a light lunch or snack.

If you are interested in enrolling your children, simply email with your child(ren)'s information. Include in your email:

  • Child's full name

  • Child's date of birth

  • The week your child will be attending: June 24-28 or July 15-19

We will walk you through the enrollment process and collect your payment online. Any questions? Text us at 407-707-6913 or email us at

Summer Group Fitness Passport Contest

Our summer group fitness contest begins June 3. Pick up your passport in any group fitness class and start earning stamps. Read more at our dedicated contest blog post.

Did you miss the start of the contest? No biggie! We can retroactively stamp for the classes you have attended since June 3. It's never to late to join in the competition, and you have until August 3 to accumulate stamps. Serious contenders could fill out the passport in just a week or two, so there's no reason to give up before you've even started!

Summer of Fun

Shirt Cutting DIY

Learn how to slice and cut your shirts to give them some pizzazz! Our resident shirt-cutting expert and member, Barb, will show us how it's done!

The class takes place in our group fitness studio at 5:30PM on Friday, June 28 and is free to our members. Sign up in the Momentum Fitness app (Book > Workshops).

Simply bring with you 1) a shirt you don't care about to practice on (just in case), and 2) a brand new pair of scissors or dedicated fabric-cutting scissors. Using old scissors or scissors that have been used primarily on paper will be too dull to cut fabric cleanly. Take your new skills home and start creating!

Here are some examples of the techniques we will be learning. Click on any image to expand it.

Multiverse Barbell

You're all familiar with our popular barbell class, but what if that class was slightly different, almost as if it's happening in a parallel universe where instructors choose their own tunes and write their own choreography? Come experience our Barbell Multiverse class, which will take place in July. Our first Barbell Multiverse classes will feature your favorite '90s tunes. You don't want to miss it!

More to Come...

Our Summer of Fun is just starting. Stay tuned for more events in July, including:

  • Paint & Sip Workshop on Saturday, July 6 at 4:00PM

  • Fierce Hip Hop Fitness on Friday, July 19 at 6:00PM


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