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Summer Group Fitness Passport Contest

Updated: May 16

We love some healthy competition here at Momentum Fitness, which is why 2024 marks the return of our annual summer group fitness contest. In the past, we've had a Vegas-style jackpot and an Olympic-style team competition, but this year it's going to be you, lone wolf-style.

Starting June 3, those interested in participating will be given a Momentum Fitness "passport" in class. Accumulate stamps in your passport by attending a healthy variety of our amazing classes. It's that simple. Edge out the competition by taking it a step further with special summer events and other non-class activities. Passports must be turned in to any of your instructors between August 3 and August 10. Grand prize will be $100 cash, a Momentum Fitness T-shirt, and mad respect from the Momentum Fitness crew.

We are literally bribing you to take care of yourself! Leave the excuses behind this summer. Accountability, fresh workouts, and fun is what this is all about. See your group fitness instructor for more details.

Earning Non-Class Stamps

Refer a Friend

If you refer a friend who buys an autopay membership with Momentum Fitness (no third party memberships), this earns you a stamp! For you to get credit, the person you refer must drop your name in the specified field when creating their profile.

Tag Us on Instagram

Post a photo on Instagram and tag @momentumfitorg. It can be a pre-workout photo, excited for class. It can be a post-workout photo, sweaty and full of endorphins! Or it can be a photo anywhere else! Show us your meal prep, your beachside rest day, or anything in your life that Momentum Fitness helps you get done with style.

Don't ignore this one! Any ties on total stamps will go to Instagram as a tie-breaker. Best photo/caption will take it all! And remember, if your Instagram profile is private, we won't see your tag, therefore you won't get a stamp.

Attend a Special Event

We have multiple special events tentatively scheduled this summer, including:

  • Paint & Sip

  • Barbell Multiverse (a barbell class brought to you from an alternate dimension...)

  • DIY Shirt Cutting

  • Hip Hop Dance Fitness Pop-Up

Attending any of these events will get you your special event stamp.


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