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Managing your MINDBODY schedule

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Registering for Classes

In order to attend a class, you must register in advance. You can reserve your spot for a class using either:

1) the MINDBODY app on your mobile device, and/or

2) the MINDBODY website on any web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, etc.), either on your mobile device or computer.

Download the MINDBODY app here:

Access the Momentum Fitness MINDBODY class schedule through a web browser here:

Managing Your Registrations and Wait Lists

Monitor your registrations, including wait lists and wait list positions, in the MINDBODY app under Profile > Schedule. Or you can view your schedule directly via a web browser here.

Class Capacity and Wait Lists

Each class has a limited number of spots for attendees. After that, additional registrations are put on a wait list. As registrants cancel their reservations, those on the wait list will be bumped into class in the order they registered.

Wait List Positions

You can view your position on the wait list only via the MINDBODY website, not the app. Instructions how to view this can be found here.

Wait List Notifications

If you are moved into class from the wait list, you will receive an email and/or a text message notifying you only if you are opted in for "Reminders and schedule changes." This opt in is strongly encouraged.

Check that you are opted in by accessing your MINDBODY account on a web browser (not the app). In the Personal section under My Info, click Edit in the upper right corner to make changes to your contact info and communications preferences. "Reminders and schedule changes" must be checked to receive these notifications.

Wait List Confirmations

If you have opted into texts, you will be notified that you have been moved into class from the wait list and you will be asked to confirm by replying to the text with a Y or N. If you can no longer attend, reply with an N. The system will then remove you and move the next person on the wait list into class. If you reply Y, your spot will be confirmed. If you opted into emails, you will receive an email when you have been moved into class. If you choose to rely on emails alone, make sure you check your inbox frequently, or you could miss this notification and earn a late cancel or no show. Read more about this in the next section.

Late Cancellations and No Shows

We want to make sure everyone who wants to take a class can do so. When a reservation is canceled "late" or the registrant does not show up for class, this unfortunately blocks others who are interested from attending. At this time, we do not have a policy of charging members fees for late cancellations and no shows, but one may be implemented in the future. You can avoid this by monitoring your schedule and opting in to notifications as outlined above.

Late Cancels

A late cancel is defined by a registration canceled within an hour of class start. This one-hour window is in place so that people on the wait list have sufficient time to make it to class. It is important to monitor your schedule in order to avoid a late cancel. This includes wait lists. If you are on a wait list and assume you will not be bumped into class only to find out you were bumped into class and cannot make it, you would still get a late cancel if you were to cancel within the 60-minute window.

Monitor your schedule in the MINDBODY app under Profile > Schedule. Or you can view your schedule directly on the MINDBODY website for Momentum Fitness here.

No Shows

A no show is defined as--you guessed it--not appearing for a class. You will receive a notification if you fail to appear. If you are marked a no show in error (for example, the instructor forgot to check you in), let us know when you receive that no show notification and we can correct in the system. Remember, you will only receive a no show notification if you are opted into "Reminders and schedule changes." Again, this is strongly encouraged.

New Policy for Late Cancels and No Shows

Effective January 1, 2020, we have implemented a policy limiting the total number of late cancels and no shows to three per member per calendar month. Read more here:


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