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Sober October: Gut Health, Mocktails, and More

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

This is our four-week series for eliminating (or minimizing) alcohol intake during the month of October in preparation for the upcoming holiday season and all its indulgences.


Whether you're just now joining Sober October or finished week 1's stress less focus with us, week 2 is focused on alcohol alternatives and gut health.

Being social can sometimes be a drag, but the truth is we need each other. Humans are social animals and avoiding socialization is simply not good for your mental health, which, coincidentally is one of the many reasons we love group fitness! When you're socializing somewhere other than the gym, however, alcohol is often present. Switch to mocktails for those times where it feels wrong to not have a fancy drink in your hand!

There are also supplements you can turn to if you're looking for a "feeling" replacement as much as a ritual replacement.


Alcohol-free cocktails, or "mocktails," used to be something you had to concoct on your own. Now there are hundreds of businesses and products specializing in pre-made mocktails and mocktail components.

  • Check out Total Wine or ABC and ask for the alcohol-free section. Can't resist walking into the lion's den? Have your mocktails delivered!

  • Many beer and wine manufacturers offer alcohol-free versions of their products at liquor stores and grocery stores.

  • Google "fall mocktail recipes" for something you can make or get inspiration from.

  • Never underestimate the power of your own potions. Mix something fizzy, like club soda; a dash of flavor, like Pom juice or ginger ale; and garnish, like maraschino cherries, mint, or lime.

  • Try a specialty drink that provides calming effects via adaptogens, like HiYo.


There are also several supplements that boast stress relieving effects, usually involving ingredients like GABA and L-Theanine. Many of the major vitamin/supplement companies have their own blends, like Olly and NatureMade. You can also purchase these products at grocery stores, Target, and GNC stores.

Some people prefer to take calming supplements in preparation for bedtime, but others find that taking supplements in the morning keeps them even-keeled for the day. If you think supplements are in order, experiment and see what works for you.

Consult with your physician before taking any kind of supplements in case of personal sensitivities, prescription medication interference, or underlying health issues.

Gut Health

The medical community's understanding of how our bodies work continues to grow exponentially every decade. Scientists are now discovering just how critical maintaining the health of our gut microbiome is and how it affects so much more than our digestion. Our gut health is now shown to be strongly linked to both our immunity and our mental health. Sounds pretty serious, right?

Obviously, nurturing your gut microbiome involves a healthy diet, but alcohol moderation is another big part of a healthy gut.

Read more about gut health and alcohol at this Real Simple article:


Let us know how you're doing! Review others' posts and share your own experiences with other members in our dedicated Sober October Facebook group, or tag us on your own Facebook and Instagram posts: @momentumfitorg


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