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Summer Group Fitness Olympics

Updated: May 31, 2022

Maybe you're not ready to train for the Olympics, but if you are willing to commit to movement, you are officially an athlete! That's why we are inviting you to stick with your training this summer by joining up with your gym buddies and staying committed.

Introducing the Riverside Summer Group Fitness Olympics!

Getting Started

Participating Riverside members will work in teams. Teams will consist of exactly three members. When you have formed your team, register your team by filling in this form:

Give your team a name, and be creative! The best team name will receive something special. Once your team is registered, you must attend group fitness classes together, but how we've defined "together" is a bit unusual...

Earning Points

For every class that all team members attend at the same time, the team gets 10 points. If all team members attend a class on the same day, but not at the same time, the team gets 7 points. If the whole team does not go to class on the same day, don't fret! We will still award you 1 point per team member attendance.

Put another way, your team earns the highest points for showing up to the same class at the same time, slightly fewer points for showing up to different classes on the same day, and the lowest points (but still more than zero!) for scattered attendance.

The team with the most points at the end of the contest takes the gold! And in this case, "the gold" is $300 for the team.

Can you ramp up your points? You sure can! Team members can attend multiple classes in a day to increase their points, but in order to earn those additional points, it cannot be the same class twice. For example, the whole team attending back-to-back boot camps would not result in 20 points. Similarly, the whole team attending morning and evening BodyPump on the same day would not result in 20 points. However, the whole team attending both BodyPump then Les Mills Core on the same day, for example, would receive 20 points.

And there is one last quirk: Days of the week are defined as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday/Sunday combined. In other words, the weekend is considered a single day. So if two of you go to Saturday class, and one of you goes to Sunday class, your team receives the 7 points (for attending different classes on the "same day.")

A lot can happen in the course of two months, so don't sweat it if every day isn't a perfect score for your team. Just do the best you can and reap the rewards: physical, emotional, and monetary!

Other Details

  • Participating members can only be on one team.

  • Team affiliation cannot be changed once the competition begins.

  • Team names cannot contain offensive or profane language.

  • Team sign-up deadline is June 10.

  • Date of first point-earning class is June 1. If your team signs up after June 1 but before the June 10 sign-up deadline, your team will receive the retroactive points from June 1 onward based on the above rules.

  • Date of last point-earning class is July 31.

  • Winning team announced will be announced on August 2.


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