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Managing your MINDBODY account

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

While you can do many things via the MINDBODY app on your phone, when it comes to account administration, you must log into MINDBODY using a web browser, either on your mobile device or your computer.

Access Momentum's MINDBODY page here.

Hint: You can also locate the site at any time by navigating to Momentum's website (this one!) and clicking on Class Schedule, a dropdown under Group Classes on the main menu.

To manage the below items, you must log into the MINDBODY website using a web browser on your mobile device or computer—not your MINDBODY app.

Contact Information

Keeping your contact information up to date is critical to keeping yourself informed of the latest news, events, and schedule changes. Please ensure your email, phone number, address, and birthday are accurate.

Opting In to Communications

So often we hear from our members that they did not know about something new or something that was changed. We communicate via email and text messaging (in addition to Facebook), so you are able to choose the methods of communication that work best for you. That being said, we strongly encourage you to opt into all communications. We promise not to reach out to you more than once a week unless the situation demands it, such as a sudden class cancellation.

In the Personal section under My Info, click Edit in the upper right corner to make changes to your contact info and communications preferences.

Note that in order to participate in Perkville, you must be opted in for Email for News and Promos.

Billing Information

If you need to update your credit card on file, access the Billing Information section under My Info.

Appointments and Group Classes

My Info > My Schedule

Quickly and easily view the personal training sessions and group fitness classes you are currently signed up for. You can also view waitlist positions, and cancel registrations and waitlist reservations from this screen.

My Info > Visit History

View previous classes and appointments.

Group Classes

Register for a group fitness class.


Sign up for personal training sessions here, either the three free you receive as a new member or ongoing paid sessions.

Canceling Your Membership

My Info > Account

Not that you would ever do this...

Under Autopays, find the membership you’d like to end. Press the terminate button, and it will remove your membership.


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